Church News

Visitors are always welcome at Grace Temple Baptist Church. Come join us for worship and the singing of your old familiar songs. When you come, be sure to fill out a contact or visitor card that you will find on the back of the pew in front of you and place it in an offering plate as you leave.

Please continue to be in prayer for Grace Temple to grow and reach others, especially the unchurched people of our community.

Be sure to take a look at fresh posters on the fellowship hall bulletin board and learn about upcoming scheduled events in our area. For example, The Trinity Fellowship Church at 388 Cotton Belt Parkway in McGregor will present ” The Tabernacle Experience” with a lifesize replica on their grounds each day May 13th through May 23rd from noon to 7:00 p.m. For more information call 254-723-2020.

Shepherd’s Heart helps provide groceries for those of our community who cannot afford enough food for their families. They need our help with produce from the garden as well ass eggs and egg cartons and staple food items such as beans, rice, pasta, cereal and canned goods. They also need volunteers to bag foods or make home deliveries. As a volunteer, you may work anywhere from one hour to as many hours as you like. For more information, call 254-235-9517.

We had a long time member who had not been to worship with us in some time come to our service and who voiced the concern that he might not still be on the church rolls since it had been so long since he had been. He was reassured that no one is removed from the church rolls just because we have not seen them in awhile. If you haven’t been to Grace Temple Baptist in some time, please join us. Especially come see the renovated, repaired sanctuary!!

The repairs for the major water leak discovered at the end of January have been made and the broken windows and broken plexiglass shields have been replaced. Brother Buddy noted that the financial condition of the church due to the strong support of the membership allowed all of this to be paid for without the need of calling for a special offering. The bank account has been healthy enough to cover all expenses.

Members are urged to send notes or make calls to those who have not been attending Grace Temple in awhile to let them know we miss them and to find out why they have not been coming. Help the church office keep the membership rollbook up to date.

Contact cards are available on the foyer table to be picked up and handed out. The cards invite those to whom they are given to join us for worship. Studies have shown that church growth is mostly helped by the outreach of church members more than any other factor